When you accession an item into a museum collection, you don't just give it a number and put it on a shelf. You assess the item carefully; does it fit with your organization's strategic priorities? Does it add value to your collection? Does it help you tell a story that you've been wanting to share but just didn't have the right tools? There are so many things to consider when adding even the smallest item into a collection.

The same goes for a new technology, program, or service and it can be overwhelming. What tools should you use? Where do you spend your time and efforts? How do you know if what you're doing is working? Where do you even start?

If you've asked those questions, you might be ready to hire a digital consultant.

Hiring an outsider to come in and help you make a plan can be scary - we get that. But,  bringing in someone else also means that you're getting a fresh perspective, a professional opinion, a new set of resources and tools, and you don't have to do all this planning off the side of your desk.

What makes Accession different is that we're trained and experienced cultural-sector professionals as well as digital strategists - we totally understand the challenges of the industry, and we speak that language. Check out our WHO page for more information about us.


What should we prioritize?


How digital should my organization be?


What skills do we need on our team?


How do we set and achieve our goals?


How should we measure success?


Where do we start?

Do you find your organization asking: