Planning for the future is different for every organization, and we'll start by working with you to figure out your unique needs, goals, and scope. Because every project is different, our approach is different every time. But, here's a list of some of the general categories of tasks we take on, and some of the things we feel we're best at:

Design Thinking

Facilitating ideation sessions, design jams and workshops, collaboratively ideating and brainstorming help you get ready for developing new products or services. 

User REsearch

Helping you to better know your users, members, visitors, or stakeholders , online and offline. Focusing on  qualitative methods and getting beyond the analytics to create meaningful insights.

Strategic Planning

Working with your and your team to take stock of your assets, identify your challenges, and select priorities for the future. Facilitating big-picture conversations through one-on-one conversations, team workshops, and digital planning sessions.

Needs Assessment

Helping you look across your organization and all of its channels to identify next steps, especially when there's a problem that needs to be fixed. Facilitating staff workshops and sessions to identify priorities and research possible solutions.