Every project is different and every organization has different needs, but there are some tried-and-true design models that work well in most cases. We typically follow the "double diamond" approach which, with some variations, is flexible enough to accommodate most projects but structured enough to help everyone understand where we are and where we're going at each stage of a project. Here's how we typically lay out our projects: 


1. Discover

We start by understanding the landscape. What are we trying to solve? We try to get a holistic, emphatic picture of the problem.

2. Define

We start big and then converge. What are all the different factors at play? What's working? What's challenging?

3. Develop

Everybody works together to develop opportunities, ideas,  and priorities. As we dream big we find common themes.

4. Deliver

 We refine our ideas and themes in order to answer key questions: Where do we start? What does success look like?